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Welcome to my world! Here I am, happily painting in my studio.

I’m Swiss-French by birth and have lived in Australia for most of my adult life – just love it here, especially now that Michael & I live in the country. Every morning we wake up looking at kangaroos grazing in the next paddock…  Just beautiful!

In the eighties, I was one of the leading fashion designers in Melbourne, working under my label ‘Marlyse of Switzerland’. I had a shop in High Street, Armadale, which was the hub of Melbourne high fashion in those days.

In the nineties, I shifted my interest in beauty from the outer world to the inner one. Art & fashion turned to hobbies as I became a meditation teacher, workshop facilitator and therapist. I also wrote a bestseller titled ‘Am I Going Mad? The Unsettling Phenomena of Spiritual Evolution’(Inner Peace Publishing, 2007).

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Now semi-retired but still as creative and enthusiastic as ever, I’m launching this new venture. Painting stunning scarves bridges my love of art, people, fashion, spirituality and natural ways to feel good.

I’m putting so much love in those scarves and all my silk paintings that I hope you can see it. Or feel the vibes!

Because I keep hearing from customers that when they wear one of my creations or hang one of my paintings in their home, straight away they feel different. More peaceful. Or happier. Or just beautiful… The words vary but the message remains similar.

So I hope you’ll join them and that I’ll also hear from you soon.

And to have a look at my art work, please go to (coming soon)

Silk is just so beautiful to wear, to look at and to touch… I love it, as you can tell! And since you’re on this website, chances are you’re also hooked!

Pure silk is a natural fiber that originated in China. Some of the earliest examples found date to around 3500 BC. Its manufacture involves collecting and processing the silkworm cocoons.

Scarf_detail_2‘Art silk’, on the other hand, means ‘artificial silk’ or rayon, which is a fiber derived from wood pulp (cellulose). It originated in France around 1880.

Our Devore silk scarves are made of pure silk chiffon overlaid with art silk that has been burnt out, or ‘devoured’, through a chemical process. So the whole scarf’s backing is pure silk, and the shiny satin designs on the top are rayon.

A fantastic combination! Just perfect for painting because these two different fibers absorb dye and reflect light differently – hence the richness of colours and patterns that can be achieved. Scarf_detail_1

Silk scarves are very easy to look after. Just wash them gently by hand and avoid hanging them in the sun. That’s because pure silk becomes weaker when exposed to too much sunlight and when wet.

Yet silk is remarkably durable when treated well. In fact, silk threads are stronger than steel at the same thickness!

Once woven, silk is absolutely beautiful to wear too.

To start with, it’s absorbent and it breathes – a very comfortable material in warm weather. And on cold days it’s pleasantly warm because of its low conductivity, which keeps warm air close to the skin.

So there you are. Silk is natural, beautiful, practical and durable… what else could you want in a garment or a fashion accessory?

I believe that every woman should have at least one fabulous silk scarf – if not 10!

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Welcome to the world of silk painting!

Rose-2One day courses or longer stays are now available anytime by mutual agreement. I might still organize weekend workshops now and then. But in the meantime, just contact me if you’re interested. And yes, men are always welcome too.

Ideal number of participants: 2, maximum 4.

Anyone can do silk painting! No special skills, experience or creative talents are required. Even if you haven’t played with paints since kindergarten you’ll be amazed by what you can achieve in just one day, let alone two or more!

So if you want to discover the magic of silk-painting, you’re welcome to join me in my studio. Even better, bring a friend and the three of us will have a fabulous time.

Plus Michael, my husband, will cook us a delicious lunch!

On your first day you can expect to learn basic skills and complete two beautiful silk scarves. 
On subsequent days, you’ll practice more advanced techniques and have more and more fun with this fabulous medium.

Imagine painting cushion covers and wall-hangings for your home. Imagine your friends’ surprise and delight at receiving a beautiful silk scarf you’ve painted… How about a wild silk sarong for your next holiday?

Whatever you choose, painting silk is heaps of fun. Viktorija-1

Your output & total cost will depend on what you decide to paint and stock availability.

$150 per person for one day (2–4 people, 10am to 4:30pm) or $270 for two consecutive days, plus material. As an example, a medium size hand-hemmed silk scarf will cost you $15. A cushion cover with a zip $15-25, depending on size.

Your investment includes personal tuition, silk paints & gutas, morning & afternoon tea and lunch during the workshop, as well as steaming, washing, ironing and posting your finished articles within 14 days.

If desired, accommodation can be organised locally at a reasonable rate.

For more information and/or bookings please email me at


In most cases I post orders by Express Post within 48 hours. It’s free too, wherever you live!


I usually have about 90% of scarves in stock. And in case you ordered a design that’s sold out, I’ll write to you straight away. If your order can wait a few days, I’ll paint it for you within a week. So far it has only happened a couple of times this year, so the odds are good! satisfactionBadge

Your Guarantee of satisfaction

Of course I hope you’ll just love your scarf. However, if for any reason you were disappointed, please contact me by email. And then return the scarf by registered mail within 14 days, at your cost. You can then exchange it, or I’ll refund your Paypal account on receipt. Easy – no risk for you and no hassles! And all Christmas orders received in December can be exchanged after Christmas.

Special Orders

Should you wish for a totally unique scarf, shoot me an email and tell me what you want. You never know, I might be inspired to paint one just for you – could be fun for both of us! No promise though, it depends how busy I am.

Hand-painted silk in dress lengths

What if you were dreaming of wearing a hand-painted dress, shirt or jacket…? I can paint any type of silk you want, from chiffon to heavy satin. I stock various qualities of plain silk, or you supply the material. Quotes on application.

SPECIAL OFFER: Hand painted silk cushions

I’ve been experimenting with square silk cushion covers and decided not to continue. Right now I have about twenty of them in various sizes. They’re half price, ranging from $25 to $60 – incredible bargains! If you’re interested, ask me for photos & other details. They would make great Christmas presents too!


My ‘Sunset on the Desert’ scarf is more than beautiful, It’s so stunning that people keep commenting.
Hand Painted Silk Scarves
My ‘Sunset on the Desert’ scarf is more than beautiful, It’s so stunning that people keep commenting.
Hand Painted Silk Scarves