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MarlysePKGWell, I’ve been rather slack on the blog front, haven’t I? Been busy painting mind you… just neglected the writing, and Facebook too.

Sorry guys, I promise to do better from now on!

With summer starting this coming Sunday, we’ve just done another professional photo shoot with Lucia Ondrusova. Lucia is a fantastic photographer and a wonderful person. Michael and I just love her!

Here you see Lucia and I working on photos of the packaging! Because the wrapping is so classy, I had to show it!

PackagingSo for a few hours my painting studio turned into a photographic studio. Just as well it’s large enough for all the lights and whatnot! And we all had lots of fun.

So stay tuned ? I’ve also started writing a blog post on the major fashion trends for this summer.

In the meantime, Christmas is coming up. Time to start thinking of the special women in your life. Best friend, partner, wife, mother, sister, daughter… Wouldn’t some of them, if not all of them, just love receiving a unique hand-painted silk scarf?

What a perfect Australian gift to send overseas too!

Swingtag-photoAnd finally, whilst we’re waiting for Lucia’s proofs, here’s a little snapshot of the swing ticket.

BTW, if you ever need professional photos in Australia, Lucia is absolutely awesome! Just check her website Lucia Ondrusova and you’ll see what I mean.


"I’ve worn one of your silk scarves for 3 years now and it still looks as good as new."
"I’ve worn one of your silk scarves for 3 years now and it still looks as good as new."